All participants who are registered to the tournament are counted that they have already read and accepted to obey all the rules&procedures written below. Detailed information about the rules will be given before the start of the event.



·     Players will be accepted to the venue by 14:00 on 13th of January 2017, Friday.

·     The first activity will be the "Richard Lukas Memorial Warm-Up" side action which will start at 17:30 and is free of charge for players who have completed their registrations until that moment.

·     At 21:30, all start will be given for the "Main Event". Late arrivals will be accepted for 30 more minutes, then players who still do not have an opponent in first round will be given a "bye".



·     The running model of Main Event is Single Elimination brackets of Main with "Progressive" Consolation and Last Chance rounds. The maximum contingency is 200 players in principle. However, tournament director keeps the right to accept more players in case of high attendance.

·     In Main Event, all registered players will be put into a manual random draw for the Main Bracket. Those who lose a match in any round of Main will go down to Consolation. Players who get a 2nd loss without reaching any prize will be drawn for Last Chance and those who get their 3rd loss will be eliminated. 

·     Consolation will start on 14th of January 2017, Saturday, and Last Chance will start on 15th of January 2017, Sunday, both at 13:00. 

·     Top 4 players in Main Bracket and top 2 players in Consolation Bracket will be in the prize and will not take part in lower brackets. 



·     During the championship, players will have the chance to try their skills in side actions of “Richard Lukas Memorial Warm-Up”, “869BG Speedgammon Cup”, “1-Pointer”, “Swing”, “Istanbul 2017 Doubles Consultation” and “BG4BG Jackpot” for additional prizes.

·     “Richard Lukas Memorial Warm-Up” is a Single Elimination model side action which will start on 13th of January 2017, Friday, before the start of the Main Event and will be free of charge for all pre-registered players.

·     “869BG Speedgammon Cup”, “1-Pointer” and “BG4BG Jackpot” side actions can be played all 3 days of the championship as long as there are free spots left.

·     "Swing" side action will start right after the dinner break on 14th of January 2017, Saturday at 22:00 and will end the same night.

·     “Istanbul 2017 Doubles Consultation” side action will start on 14th of January 2017, Saturday in the afternoon.

·     In principle, players who are still busy in any "Main Event" bracket at the same time can not participate in "Swing" or "Istanbul 2017 Doubles Consultation" side actions. However, main director may decide to let a player in such a situation to take part in "Istanbul 2017 Doubles Consultation" side action if and only if he/she accepts to let his/her partner to play alone as long as he/she is busy in the main action.

·     Detailed information about side actions will be given at the venue during the championship.



·     Penalty points might be given to players who are not present in the playing room although they still have matches to play.

·     During a game, it is strongly prohibited to talk and behave in a way that leads the opponent to be distracted.

·     When a dispute arises, without leaving their seats, both players must leave dice, checkers, and score sheets unchanged while the main director is summoned.

·     Tournament Director keeps the right to reject the participation of any player in the championship without giving any reason.

·     Entry fees of forfeited players are not given back.

·     Apart from the food&beverages which will be offered by our organization during the Opening Cocktail at 20:00 on 13th of January 2017, Friday, any extras participants make during the event are on their own responsibilities.

·        Playing money games in the tournament venue is prohibited.


             WBF-Turkiye 2017 Istanbul Open Backgammon Championship is organised and will be directed according by Worldwide Backgammon Federation, "WBF"`s Turkiye agent Arda Fýndýkoðlu and his professional staff. Armada Hotel owner Kasým Zoto & Tournament Director Arda Fýndýkoðlu with his staff team wish the best of luck to all participants.


13th January 2017, Friday:

14:00.................Opening of playing room, "869BG Speedgammon Cup" & "BG4BG" & "1 Pointer" side actions.

17:30.................Draw & Start of "Richard Lukas Memorial Warm-Up".

20:00.................Opening Cocktail.

21:00.................Last registration and the draw for the main event.

21:30.................Start of main event matches.

02:00.................End of first day.


14th January 2017, Saturday:

12:00.................BGTV Proficiency Contest 2017.

13:00.................Main event gameplay continues and the start of "Consolation" rounds.

14:00................."869BG Speedgammon Cup" & "BG4BG" & "1 Pointer" side actions continue.

16:00.................Start of "Istanbul 2017 Doubles Consultation”.

20:30.................Dinner break.

22:00.................Start of "Swing".

02:00.................End of second day with the end of "Swing".


15th January 2017, Sunday:

13:00.................Start of "Last Chance" rounds.

13:30................."869BG Speedgammon Cup" & "BG4BG" & "1 Pointer" side actions continue.

14:00.................Start of Finals for all categories and divisions.

21:30.................Awarding Ceremony.


* The organisation reserves the right to change the program in any of its parts. Changes will be announced in advance.


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